Flat bench BarBell UnderHand Grip Chest Press

Flat bench BarBell UnderHand Grip Chest Press

SETS: 3-4 X 8 – 10

In order, to complete the perfect exercise form, follow these simple tips and tricks. Keep in mind that your body and the weights are all elements of one compound formation.

Flat Bench Barbell UnderHand grip chest press

Setting the scene:

1 Load the barbell with your desired weight

2 Lay down on the flat bench and arch your back to raise the chest up

3 Set your underhand grip (palms pointing backward) at about 8 inches/20 centimeters

wider than your shoulder width

4 Lift the bar off the holder and raise it over your chest


1 Lower the bar carefully down to your middle chest area. Inhale

2 Press the bar up in a straight path. Exhale

3 Repeat

A word of experience:

Consciously contract your targeted muscle group for additional activation

Avoid locking your elbow joints at the peak of the movement

Adjust the angle between your elbows and the torso at about 70 degrees

Carefully maintain the balance of the bar during the exercise

Hold the barbell as firmly as you can. The underhand grip requires extra attention to your

grip power for safety issues

Remember: always crave for one more rep while finishing every set!

It’s your turn!

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