flat bench knee raise


SETS: 3-4 X 8 – 10

In order, to complete the perfect flat bench knee raise exercise form, follow these simple tips and tricks. Keep in mind that your body and the weights are all elements of one compound formation.


Preparing the scene:

1 Lay your body with your back down on a flat bench

2 Grab the bench’s sides to maintain good balance

3 Extend your legs and leave them hanging parallel to the floor

Now you’re ready for action:

1 While your legs stay hanging, lift them so the thighs come perpendicular and the lower legs- parallel, to the ground. Exhale

2 Inhale on the way to neutral position.

If you seek for an easier way to perform this exercise or you suffer from back pain, you may hack its form by returning your legs to step on the ground and do it this way. This may cost you some burnt calories, but first thing’s first… Got to stay safe.

That should be it! Now you’re ready for your first rep!

Remember: always crave for one more after finishing every set!

Now, It’s your turn! 🙂

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