Knee to Elbow Crunch

Knee to Elbow Crunch

SETS: 3-4 X 8 – 10

Follow these simple tips and tricks in order to complete the perfect knee to elbow crunch exercise form. Keep in mind that your body and the equipment are all elements of one compound formation.

knee to elbow crunch
knee to elbow crunch

Setting the scene:

1 Lay your body flat on the ground with your legs extended

2 Raise your hands in front of the body as you are holding a boxing guard


1 Curl your torso as you twist for your elbow to reach your knee. The resting leg stays on the ground. Exhale

2 Return to neutral position

3 Alternate and repeat until you complete the reps scheduled in your workout program

That should be it! Now you’re ready for your set!

Remember: always crave for one more rep after finishing every set!

It’s your turn!

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