Seated Arnold Press


Seated Arnold Press

SETS: 3-4 X 8 – 10

In order, to complete the perfect seated arnold press exercise form, follow these simple tips and tricks. Keep in mind that your body and the weights are all elements of one compound formation.


Setting the scene:

1 Pick the dumbbells with your desired weight

2 Have a seat on the bench. Raise your chest and stick your butt out

3 Hold the dumbbells in front of your upper chest with your palms facing to the body


1 Rotate your elbows until they outspread on the level of your shoulders

1.1 Press the dumbbells up driving them over your head. Exhale

2 Return the dumbbells to the neutral position following the same pattern. Inhale on the way down

3 Repeat

A word of experience:

Consciously contract your targeted muscle group for additional activation

Notice that the motion of this exercise is a bit complicated. Carefully follow the steps and maintain a good balance so you don’t overextend your back. Keep your body still and prevent it from swinging

Remember: always crave for one more after finishing every set!

It’s your turn!

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