Upright Military Press

Upright Military Press

SETS: 3-4 X 10 – 12

Follow these simple tips and tricks in order to complete the perfect upright military press exercise form. Keep in mind that your body and the weights are all elements of one compound formation.

upright military press
upright military press

Setting the scene:

1 Load the barbell with your desired weight and secure it properly

2 Stand in an upright position with your feet at parallel width

3 Grab the barbell in underhand grip at about 10 inches/25 centimeters wider than your average shoulder width and hold it on the level of your chin


1 Press the barbell up as you extend your arms. Raise it above the level of your head following a straight path. Exhale

2 Lower the barbell to the neutral position keeping the same path. Inhale on the way down

3 Repeat

A word of experience:

Consciously contract your targeted muscle group for additional activation

Avoid locking your elbows. Always drive your arms to a position where your arms stay slightly bent

Remain your body stable throughout the exercise

Remember: always crave for one more after finishing every set!

It’s your turn!

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