Wide Grip Pull Up

Wide Grip Pull Up

SETS: 3-4 X 12 – 16

In order, to complete the perfect Wide Grip Pull Up, follow these simple tips and tricks. Keep in mind that your body and the weights are all elements of one compound formation.

Wide grip pull up
Wide grip pull up

Preparing the scene:

1 Face yourself front to a pull-up bar

2 Reach up and grab the pull-up bar handle in an overhand grip (palms pointing to the front). Adjust your grip distance by adding 15 inches/35 centimeters over your average shoulder width

Now you’re ready for action:

1 Squeeze the bar tight

2 Hang your body freely and bend your legs in the knees. Breathe in right before performing the rep

3 Pull your body up by flexing your hands in the elbows, driving this movement by your back muscles. Try to isolate the biceps tension. Breathe out on the way up.

4 Return your body down. Inhale

A word of experience:

Consciously contract your targeted muscle group for additional activation

Try to maintain the path of the movement straight so you prevent your body from swinging and get used to cheating by using momentum.

Try to exceed the height of the bar with your chin.

That should be it! Now you’re ready for your first rep!

Remember: always crave for one more after finishing every set!

It’s your turn!

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